Hydraulic Motor Repair

Hydraulic Breaker Repair Shop In Houston Texas

Ross Hydraulics is a hydraulic repair shop. We specialize in hydraulic breaker and hammer repair. We also offer other various services such as,

  • Hydraulic Equipment Repair
  • Hydraulic Breaker Parts Sales
  • Certified Rebuilt Hammer Sales 

Our Goals

Here at Ross Hydraulics, we are focused on achieving 3 major goals for every job and they are as follows. 

1. Perfect Repairs 

First of all, and most importantly, we’re committed to providing the best possible repair job to every customer. Our team has been repairing hydraulic hammers for over 25+ years. We take no shortcuts, ever. We offer our 36-month warranty because we believe in our work. We thoroughly test every hydraulic hammer to make sure it’s even better than new. We only use the best OEM parts and seals when needed. Also, when OEM parts aren’t available, our complete machine shop can remanufacture any parts as needed. 

2. Excellent Customer Service

Second, we are firm believers that we offer the best customer service in the industry, and we thrive to stay there. No other repair shop offers technicians available 24/7. Nor do they offer free pickup and delivery. Nor does any other repair shop offer 10% off any competitors quote. These are just some of the reasons why our customer service can’t be beaten. 

3. Quickest Turnaround Time

Lastly, we know your equipment is very expensive and is vital to your business. Our team of expert hydraulic hammer repair technicians is thoroughly trained to be as time-efficient as possible. When other shops tell you weeks, we can get it done in days.