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Hydraulic Breaker Repair, Parts & Service.

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Hydraulic Breaker & Hammer Repair With A 3-Year Warranty.

Ross Hydraulics is your hydraulic breaker repair experts! We offer the nation’s leading 36-month warranty on all hammer repairs. Whether your hydraulic breaker is experiencing weak-hits, minor leaks, a loss of nitrogen, needs parts or whether your hydraulic hammer is in the need of a complete rebuild. Ross Hydraulics can get your breaker repaired and back into service as soon as 48 hours. Not to mention we also do this while saving you up to 70% from buying new. Furthermore, we also offer free pick-up and delivery within’ a 350 mile radius. Nationwide pickup is also available for all hydraulic hammer repairs. For more information on warranties, please click here. ( Warranties )

The Nations’ Top Choice

Our shop is the nation’s recognized #1 hydraulic hammer repair facility. As a result of this, we’ve been providing our customers in the construction, demolition & quarry industries with quality hydraulic breaker repairs for 25+ years. We’ve also provided parts, service, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and sales as well. So whether your hydraulic hammer needs basic preventative maintenance, a complete rebuild, or seals, we’ve got you covered!

Additionally, we also have parts in stock for virtually every hydraulic breaker made since 1980. From pistons, bushings, thrust rings, tie rods, side bolts, to seals and diaphragms, we have it!. So if we don’t have your parts in stock, we can manufacture from our own prints or reverse engineer from your existing parts.

Risk-Free Estimates

Do you need a free estimate? Simply call us with the make and model number of your hydraulic breaker together with a detailed description of what the problem might be. For instance,  does your hydraulic hammer have occasional weak hits? Noises or vibrations? Maybe it might be leaking hydraulic fluid from bit or from the body? Possibly a mixture of it all? Then give us a call! After we receive this information our experienced technicians will get you a verbal price to repair your hydraulic breaker in approximately 5 to 10 minutes of telephone time! In addition we will then follow up with an e-mail and fax with your estimated price and delivery time for your hydraulic breaker repair.

Additionally, we also have parts in stock for virtually every hydraulic breaker made since 1980. From pistons, bushings, thrust rings, tie rods, side bolts, to seals and diaphragms, we have it!. So if we don’t have your parts in stock, we can manufacture from our own prints or reverse engineer from your existing parts. To receive an estimate by email, or if you’re looking for more information please click here ( Estimates )

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Three Reasons Why We’re The Nations’ Best.

Our team at Ross Hydraulics continues to lead the industry as the nation’s top choice for hydraulic hammer repair. We here believe that the 3 most important reasons why are as followed,

1. The Absolute Best Warranty In The Industry

Above all, every single one of our hydraulic hammer repairs comes with the nations’ best warranty. 36-months of coverage, end to end. Our warranty also covers all aspects of your repair. This includes parts and labor. We believe we’ve set the bar and no other shop has been able to match it.

We offer this warranty as a guarantee that your hydraulic hammer repair was done right. It offers our customers ease of mind, and it also offers them a promise that no other shop can. 

2. Hydraulic Hammer Repair Done On Your Schedule, Not Ours

Secondly, we’ve researched and found we also have the quickest repair times in the available in the Nation. When other shops take weeks, we do it in days.

On average, our hydraulic hammer repair takes only 7-10 business days. So this means more time breaking, splitting, and shattering whatever is in your way of finishing your project and less time waiting.

3. Guaranteed Savings. Up To 70%

Third and finally, is our pricing. We’ve got the best savings. We’ll beat any competitors quote by 10% guaranteedAdditionally, we also save our customers around 70% of the cost of a replacement. 

In summary, Ross Hydraulics offers the best warranty, the fastest turnaround time, and the most guaranteed savings of any repair facility.

So, if your having trouble with your hammer, give the hydraulic hammer repair experts at Ross Hydraulics a call!

We Specialize In These Brands, And Many More!

Your Best Option, Guaranteed.

As the nation’s leading hydraulic breaker repair shop, we can guarantee that we’re your best option. So here are some of the reasons why you should choose us over the competition.

  • Complete One-Stop-Shop (turnkey)
  • Guaranteed Savings Of 50% From OEM’s Cost Of New
  • Will Beat Any Competitors Quote By 10% Of Total Cost Guaranteed
  • Detailed inspection reports documents with media, including photos, videos, documents, and certified test results. Our reports will include root causes for damages to your tool, how we fixed it, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. 
  • CNC Machining Capabilities Up To 5th-Axis
  • Precision I.D & O.D Grinding
  • Horizontal & Vertical Honing
  • Chrome Plating & Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Fabrication & Welding
  • Endless Engineering/Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Re-Manufacturer Of Obsolete Parts / Seals
  • Most Parts Available On Standby
  • 25+ Years Of Combined Experience
  • Highly-Trained Staff
  • 36-Month Warranty On All Repairs
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Emergency 48-Hour Service Available
  • Excellent Customer Service

Our State Of The Art Repair Process.

  1.   Assessment
  2.   Complete Disassembly
  3.   All Parts Are Precisely Measured And Compared To OEM’s Original Sizing
  4.   All Components Are Thoroughly Inspected For, Corrosion,  Cracks, Wear & Tear, Scoring, Major & Minor Damages, Point Of Failure
  5.   Contact Customer With Detailed Inspection Report With All Problems And Faults
  6.   Purchase Or Re-Manufacture All Necessary Parts/Components/Seals
  7.   Machine, Grind, & Chrome Plate All Necessary Surfaces Back to OEM’s Original Specifications
  8.   Replace All O-Rings & Seals
  9.   Nitrogen Recharge When Applicable
  10.  Factory Paint And Decals Re-Applied
  11.   Extensive Testing For Leaks & Firing Capacity
  12.   Prepare For Shipment
  13.   Ship/Deliver To Customers Location

CNC Machining, Precision I.D & O.D Grinding, Honing, And Plating Capabilities

Ross Hydraulics excels at difficult, tight-tolerance, and crucial parts in our machine shop. We’ve earned our reputation as the go-to parts supplier for components that are too difficult for other shops. TIR +/- .0002, tempature controlled evoiroment, limitless machining and engineering possibilities.


Hydraulic Breaker Parts, And ROSS Certified Rebuilt Hammer Sales

Over 10,000+ hydraulic breaker parts and 50+ ross certified rebuilt hydraulic hammers across all major brands stocked and ready for shipment. Chuck housings, bushings, thrust rings, pistons, side bolts, tie rods, retainer pins, seals and seal kits, diaphragms etc. 

Other Hydraulic Equipment / Attachments Repairs

We also service and repair all types of hydraulic equipment! Cylinders, Drive Motors, Pumps, Valves, Concrete Crushers, Rotating (and static) Pulverizers, Grapplers, Booms, Hydraulic Cutters And Shears etc.  

Need a hydraulic breaker repair? Looking for parts? Want a quote? Fill out this form below for a risk free assessment.